February 2012

Wii Releases - What's Coming Out on the Wii?

"Games that You Should Have In Your Pocket"

For those who love the Wii and all it has to offer, its gotta be important for individuals to check out what's coming out. There are some outstanding reports out there that indicate some good games are ready to come out. And, there games that have been released over the last few months have also been under the radar. In short, there are games out there that you will want to own.

Games that You Should Have In Your Pocket

The top retail games just released include the following. Check out which of these games you should be getting.

·         The Rhythm Heaven Fever - Released February 13th

·         Ram Racing - Released December 7th

Oregon Trail? Really?


For those that love the Wii, there is no age limit to the fun you can have playing it. The game has created new opportunities for young and old to come together and to have a lot of fun. Recent releases in Wii games may bring you back to a time from long ago, though. Think about the Oregon Trail. If you are a child of the 80's you may remember this game in its original version, on the old Apple computers that many people had in their schools, back when having any computer in school was ultra modern.

If you loved the Oregon Trail then, and all of its glory of trying to get your family to the other side of the country whole, then you will enjoy the Wii game called Oregon Trail. The manufacturers of the Wii are releasing Oregon Trail for the Wii for about $20. For those who have played it already, the game feels a lot like the 16 bit era game that this one game from. If you are new to the gaming that is part of this following, imagine stocking up your covered wagon, picking the supplies you need and then trying to make it to the other side of the remote countryside of the 1800's. It is a challenge but the game can become addictive quickly.

Should you buy it? Reviews of the Oregon Trail for the Wii are mixed. Some like the graphics while others say the game isn't really going to keep up with the action packed fun that many kids today are used to.