January 2012

Wii U May Introduce New Game Purchasing Method

Near-field communication could ease transactions

The disc is rapidly growing obsolete in the world of media consumption. We're buying more and more of our entertainment in its purely liquid form: the downloadable file. Ask any PC gamer the last time she bought a game on an actual CD-ROM and you'll more than likely get a raised eyebrow. The direct download works nicely with systems like Steam, but it's given other retailers some problems when their less secure networks become compromised. The PlayStation Network hacks, for example, were reason enough for plenty of gamers not to trust their console link to store their credit card information. But the only other real option, besides tediously entering in card numbers manually every time you want to make a purchase, is to go back to the ways of the disc. 

No one really wants to do that. If we wanted to go old-school, we'd go full-blown vintage with an N64 and its blocky cartridges. But what if there were a third option for companies who'd like to offer their customers direct download without forcing them to permanently store their financial info on their servers? The Wii U may have just the solution.

Wii - New Product Launch by Holidays 2012

For those that love the Wii gaming console, it may be time to save some money for the upcoming holiday season. There is news out that indicates that the company will be launching its new product just in time for the holiday season and they will do so in Asia, Europe and the US. The next generation of the system is sure to be a hot seller but questions about what it will offer and why it will be valuable are still unanswered for the most part.