December 2011

What's the Wii U?


For those that know and love their Wii console, it may be time to upgrade. Rumors are flying about the Wii U, the unique tablet and console hybrid unit that is likely to hit the market some time in 2012. True to form, there is not a lot of information about from Nintendo itself regarding when it will be providing the new system or what it will hold, but some experts say that it will be easy to find out about it soon enough.

The Wii U is likely to be at the next Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2012. By being there, many of the country's top gamers and reviewers will be on hand to give it a try. That is sure to impress those who are waiting and wondering what steps the company will take to compete with PlayStation and the Kinect in the coming months.

The Top 5 Wii Games of the Year

The Wii, now officially five years old, has had a stellar time as one of the most innovative gaming devices available. Other competitors have offered products like the Kinect as direct competition, there is still a trend towards choosing the one that started it all. The question is, which games are tops? If you had to recommend video games for the new Wii player, which would you suggest?

The Top Five

Here's a look at the top five video games for the Wii console, based on popularity and purchases. Which one is the one game you love to play?

1.      Super Mario Galaxy 2: This game is one of the easiest, single player games to enjoy for the Wii. It's likely to be a top seller for the company for years to come.