June 2011

Supreme Court Okays Violent Video Games For Kids

Don’t you just love it when old, decrepit men—who probably watch porn more than anyone else to begin with, by the way—claim that they know something obscene when they see it, and that films with sex or nudity in them aren’t fit for children, yet they claim that regulating the violence that children are exposed to violates their freedom of speech?

Yeah, it sounds like something those creepy vulture-guys in The Dark Crystal might mandate into law, not our own Supreme Court; but that is exactly what just happened. Yes, folks, kids can’t see nudity—even though most of them likely see it at home, particularly if Mom breastfeeds them or Dad takes a bath with baby—but by golly, it’s their constitutional right to see things blow up, get shot up, and dismembered bodies fly across the screen in a sea of red!

This really feels like a continual grasp on the militarization of this country to me. We all know that the military already puts out violent video games every year as stealthy recruitment devices; perhaps the Supreme Court believes that limiting these to even the youngest six year olds will result in an even smaller generation of those willing to die for unwarranted wars and pursuits for oil?