May 2009

Wii Thief

Stealing seems to be a common habit of druggies (for lack of a better term) trying get some cash to feed their habits, so today's news should come as no surprise:
Christopher S. Frazier of York  is going to be charged with stealing and then pawning his brother's Wii. ( in addition to the Wii, Mr. Frazier allegedly stole some anti-anxiety types of medication.)

Mr. Frazier used part of the money to buy heroin, and the other part of the money to buy baby formula, which, in my opinion, is the funny part of the story. The sad part of the story is probably that this man is a parent. Although he tried to sell the Wii initially at the mall for offers ranging from $50-75, he ended up with a mere $25 at the local pawn shop. (I am now wondering what great deals I  could get at my own local pawn shop. A new Wii perhaps to give as a present for Father's Day? An old wedding dress for Halloween?)

Prepare the Royal Wii

You've heard of King Midas and how everything he touches turns into gold, well, now he is in cahoots with Nintendo, and has made a "Golden Wii" for no less than the Queen of England herself. If you are not royalty or your only claim to any throne is limited  "King of the Bongo", you will probably not be getting one of these for yourself.

Apparently, the gamemaker THQ was trying to promote their upcoming game and some genius in the marketing department had the stellar idea of gold-plating the wii for the queen. According the article I read, nobody knows whether the gold-plated wiis will hit the market in time for Father's Day (or at any other time for that matter).


Wii for Babes

The Wii has the dubious distinction of attracting the much-coveted female audience. I mean, seriously, who really does most of the budgeting decisions in a household anyway- the wife, the mom, the girlfriend......(not always, but I have witnessed this on numerous occasions in a mutltitude of different families of all shapes and sizes). One article I read had a really, really unintentionally hilarious quote about women and the wii:

The Wii and the Baby Boomers

Something unexpected has happened with the Nintendo Wii. For whatever reason, this console has snagged a demographic long deemed irrelevant to the game industry: The over 40 crowd. While the XBox 360 and the Playstation 3 have yet to attain significant numbers of consoles sold to people over 40 for their own enjoyment, the Nintendo Wii has started popping up in unusual places like retirement communities and the homes of empty-nesters. Why is this?

It's easy enough to see why the so-called "edgy" consoles haven't been performing well with an older audience. the XBox 360 and PS3 are designed with the core gaming demographic in mind. Namely, males ages 12-25. They have sleek, rigid designs and sport frenetic, violent games.