XBox or Wii: Which One Do You Choose?

XBox or Wii: Which One Do You Choose?

The world of gaming is growing and continues to be a huge role player in the holiday season. The news is out, though, that the Wii console has been outsold in the month of November. Microsoft's Xbox 360 came in on top in the gaming console sales for the month within the United States market.

By The Numbers

In November 2011, Xbox 360 sales topped 1.44 million units. That is an impressive gain especially in a down market without a new system out this year. That is a five percent gain over last November. More so, the Xbox 360 system had no problem topping both the Playstation 3 and the Wii units. The Wii sold 1.05 units in the month whereas the PlayStation 3 sold just 750,000 units. The competition is all about games, some experts say. The Wii sales for the month were done 17 percent over the previous year. However, as compared to last year, the PlayStation 3 sales are up, a big 41 percent.

What's Behind It All?

No matter which gaming system you reached for to purchase, chances are good you took advantage of Black Friday sales to do so. That is where Microsoft saw its biggest boost in sales, in fact. In the week of Black Friday, the company stated it sold some 960,000 units of their console along with another 750,000 Kinect sensors. The Kinect system allows for more involved game play, giving players the experience of a Wii on a more realistic level. No matter what is said it is all about preference and peer pressure as to which you will choose.