Wii Zelda Game to be Top Provider

Wii Zelda Game to be Top Provider

Many Wii games will be popular this holiday season, including a little title called Zelda. The Zelda games have been a part of Nintendo tradition since nearly the beginning and many people can remember those first games. The graphics were basic but the theme was still there. Zelda's newest addition to the Wii gaming console will make a splash this holiday season. The title, called The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess does have some outstanding features.

Link, Is That You?

Newer players of the game may not recognize Link, the main character and hero in the series. However, this Link character gets his looks from the Nintendo 64 days, with more detailing and graphic quality of course.

A Review

The customer reviews for Zelda are mostly good. The story is compelling and the characters remain quite interesting. You will also like the puzzle design and the world as a whole. It looks good and plays well. It is also a game lasting a bit longer than other adventure games. From an artistic point of view, the graphics of this version of Zelda, it is well worth playing.

As for negative aspects, the Wii element of the game seems to be a forced add on. In other words, it is not necessarily a game designed for the Wii console itself. However, it plays well and the nostalgic aspect of the game really does make it a good fit overall. If you love Zelda games and the entire process then this is a game to explore more fully. Check out the screen shots at the Zelda site.