Wii Releases - What's Coming Out on the Wii?

Wii Releases - What's Coming Out on the Wii?

"Games that You Should Have In Your Pocket"

For those who love the Wii and all it has to offer, its gotta be important for individuals to check out what's coming out. There are some outstanding reports out there that indicate some good games are ready to come out. And, there games that have been released over the last few months have also been under the radar. In short, there are games out there that you will want to own.

Games that You Should Have In Your Pocket

The top retail games just released include the following. Check out which of these games you should be getting.

·         The Rhythm Heaven Fever - Released February 13th

·         Ram Racing - Released December 7th

·         The Advantures of TinTin - Released on December 6th

·         Fortune Street - Released on December 5th

·         Drawsome Tablet - Released December 6th

Do you own any of these games? Or are you waiting for the new games to come out? For example, for the Wii, you can get PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond on Feburary 27th. For those that love this theme, it is likely to be a hit. You may want to check out Mario Party 9, which comes out for the Wii on March 11th. Or, if you love Xenoblade, on April 6th, the Xenoblade Chronicles game will become available on teh Wii. Look for other games to be released in the summer months, too.

Which games are your favorites from Wii? Are you looking forward to the sequels of those games? Check out the games as they come out and be sure to report on which are your favorites.