The Top 5 Wii Games of the Year

The Top 5 Wii Games of the Year

The Wii, now officially five years old, has had a stellar time as one of the most innovative gaming devices available. Other competitors have offered products like the Kinect as direct competition, there is still a trend towards choosing the one that started it all. The question is, which games are tops? If you had to recommend video games for the new Wii player, which would you suggest?

The Top Five

Here's a look at the top five video games for the Wii console, based on popularity and purchases. Which one is the one game you love to play?

1.      Super Mario Galaxy 2: This game is one of the easiest, single player games to enjoy for the Wii. It's likely to be a top seller for the company for years to come.

2.      Super Smash Bros Brawl: Another game that tops the list, this game uses popular Ninetendo characters to attack each other. The rough and tumble play is fun for most.

3.      Xenoblade Chronicles: Wii is not just for the Super Mario Bros fans. This game is well designed and has some of the best, deep game play for the console.

4.      The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: Zelda has been one of the Nintendo most loved characters for years and the Skyword Sword game has become one of the most popular.  

5.      Wii Sports Resort: Sports lovers enjoy this game because it gets you involved. You'll get up and play, which is what the Wii console was really designed to encourage. The comic level of this game is what makes it one of the best.

What's your favorite Wii Game?