Project Runway for the Wii

Project Runway for the Wii

Via the Stranger.

If Heidi Klum makes you drool and Tim Dunn’s fashion advice inspires you to look up fashion design schools, you are in luck. Atari has announced that it’s creating a Project Runway game desigined specifically for the Wii.

According to Variety, the game will be structured like the show, with several “contestants” creating new fashions, and then assisting the models with the appropriate hair and make-up. The absolute genius part of the game will be the contestants ability to then model the fashions, using the Wii Balance Board, giving opportunities for wannabe models around the world. No word on whether the game will come with stiletto heels 2 sizes too small, but that’s probably because they are keeping the details under wraps.

 The modeling element leads me to the an obvious question. Do you think they are also working with former fashion model and current hottie/tv host Ms. Tyra Banks herself for a future America’s Top Model Game? I’m sure that would be a hit with the tweenies.

I’m also curious how the fashions will be judged. Maybe they can zap Paula Abdul into the console somehow as a guest judge- I hear she’s in dire need of a job.