Megan Fox Loves the Wii

Megan Fox Loves the Wii

It's all true. Meagan Fox, super-hot babe and actress, has a passion for the Wii.

No, not for your wii, or any of your other equipment. However, if you should ever meet the stunningly beautiful actress in person, your mutual passion for all things Wii will at least give you a starting point in any conversations you may have with her....for the record,

Her best game is Mortal Kombat because it works well with her brain. And, no, she is no slouch when it comes to the game, she is "really, really good".

Ms. Fox's absolute favorite game is Lego Star Wars, but she hates it when she plays with someone, who is "lagging behind". (please make a note of that in case your paths should cross in Wii Legoland.. it would tragic to upset such a lovely lady over such a small thing...)

And, no Ms. Fox does not believe in the standard line that the Wii Fit is a game for girls, despite the fact that it is "all about yoga and stuff" (and no, her interviewer does not appear to have been a rocket-scientist). According to Ms. Fox,  "Sting would disagree with that statement. That's why his ass looks the way it does. He's done years of yoga." (Somehow I doubt that Sting's Yoga was done on the Wii Fit, but I could be wrong. I am still waiting for a comment from his publicist- haha...)

She considers the Wii Fit a good workout, but it doesn't sound like it is part of her training regime, so I don't think she got her body from balancing on the board.