Nintendo Wii Games and Rewards

There is nothing better than getting something for nothing. Nintendo has announced the release of new games and rewards programs to help encourage users to sign up and take advantage of the prizes available. For those who are looking for a way to get something more interesting out of your console, check out the Club Nintendo options. You will always find something here that is perfect to do.

The Nintendo lineup of featured games is not going to include Cubello, a Wii game. This Wii game is for those that want to take what Tetris used to be and to maximize it with three dimension design and true realism. The game's release on the Club Nintendo market will allow for individuals to test out the game, give the company feedback and to find out if it is the right one for you before you buy. You can now buy these featured games from Club Nintendo with Coins. That makes them a completely outstanding option not to miss.

Other games that are now available through the Club Nintendo as featured games are for the Nintendo 3DS. This includes the game Mario's Picross. The game Radar Mission is also available for the Nintendo 3DS system.

Of course, there are many other game options available through Club Nintendo. You can browse through the collection online, learn about them and even connect with them from the Wii Shop Channel or from Nintendo eShop.

For those that are considering joining, do so. This is a great way to learn about the upcoming events and games that the company is trying out. 

Wii Releases - What's Coming Out on the Wii?

"Games that You Should Have In Your Pocket"

For those who love the Wii and all it has to offer, its gotta be important for individuals to check out what's coming out. There are some outstanding reports out there that indicate some good games are ready to come out. And, there games that have been released over the last few months have also been under the radar. In short, there are games out there that you will want to own.

Games that You Should Have In Your Pocket

The top retail games just released include the following. Check out which of these games you should be getting.

·         The Rhythm Heaven Fever - Released February 13th

·         Ram Racing - Released December 7th

·         The Advantures of TinTin - Released on December 6th

·         Fortune Street - Released on December 5th

·         Drawsome Tablet - Released December 6th

Do you own any of these games? Or are you waiting for the new games to come out? For example, for the Wii, you can get PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond on Feburary 27th. For those that love this theme, it is likely to be a hit. You may want to check out Mario Party 9, which comes out for the Wii on March 11th. Or, if you love Xenoblade, on April 6th, the Xenoblade Chronicles game will become available on teh Wii. Look for other games to be released in the summer months, too.

Which games are your favorites from Wii? Are you looking forward to the sequels of those games? Check out the games as they come out and be sure to report on which are your favorites.

Oregon Trail? Really?


For those that love the Wii, there is no age limit to the fun you can have playing it. The game has created new opportunities for young and old to come together and to have a lot of fun. Recent releases in Wii games may bring you back to a time from long ago, though. Think about the Oregon Trail. If you are a child of the 80's you may remember this game in its original version, on the old Apple computers that many people had in their schools, back when having any computer in school was ultra modern.

If you loved the Oregon Trail then, and all of its glory of trying to get your family to the other side of the country whole, then you will enjoy the Wii game called Oregon Trail. The manufacturers of the Wii are releasing Oregon Trail for the Wii for about $20. For those who have played it already, the game feels a lot like the 16 bit era game that this one game from. If you are new to the gaming that is part of this following, imagine stocking up your covered wagon, picking the supplies you need and then trying to make it to the other side of the remote countryside of the 1800's. It is a challenge but the game can become addictive quickly.

Should you buy it? Reviews of the Oregon Trail for the Wii are mixed. Some like the graphics while others say the game isn't really going to keep up with the action packed fun that many kids today are used to.

Wii U May Introduce New Game Purchasing Method

Near-field communication could ease transactions

The disc is rapidly growing obsolete in the world of media consumption. We're buying more and more of our entertainment in its purely liquid form: the downloadable file. Ask any PC gamer the last time she bought a game on an actual CD-ROM and you'll more than likely get a raised eyebrow. The direct download works nicely with systems like Steam, but it's given other retailers some problems when their less secure networks become compromised. The PlayStation Network hacks, for example, were reason enough for plenty of gamers not to trust their console link to store their credit card information. But the only other real option, besides tediously entering in card numbers manually every time you want to make a purchase, is to go back to the ways of the disc. 

No one really wants to do that. If we wanted to go old-school, we'd go full-blown vintage with an N64 and its blocky cartridges. But what if there were a third option for companies who'd like to offer their customers direct download without forcing them to permanently store their financial info on their servers? The Wii U may have just the solution.

Nintendo says they might be introducing near-field communication technology to their latest console release. You know those little chips embedded in certain types of credit cards? The ones that let you avoid the whole magnetic strip business with a simple tap to the reader? The ones that make you look like a super spy gaining access to a secret vault with a stolen passkey? Yeah, you might be able to tap those to your console controller in a few years. 

If you don't have a PayPass card, don't worry--everyone might just have access to NFC technology pretty soon. NFC chips are already built into most Japanese cell phones, allowing consumers to pay for certain goods without even taking out their wallets. The idea of linking up your smartphone to your credit line is one that's already been catching on in the states, and future rounds of technology might just make the concept easier to carry out widely. 

That's an idea that's exciting beyond its capacity to improve game purchase transactions, but we'll focus on that aspect of it for now. If future controllers could read and transmit your credit card info without storing it on their network's servers, we could have a very cool and convenient method of buying our games in the future. That's big news for an industry that depends largely on impulse buys. 

Wii - New Product Launch by Holidays 2012

For those that love the Wii gaming console, it may be time to save some money for the upcoming holiday season. There is news out that indicates that the company will be launching its new product just in time for the holiday season and they will do so in Asia, Europe and the US. The next generation of the system is sure to be a hot seller but questions about what it will offer and why it will be valuable are still unanswered for the most part.

We do know that the next generation of the Wii will have an integrated touch card technology included in its controllers. The president of the company stated that the device will use near field communication, or NFC. What does this mean for the new console? It will implement systems and programs that operate using the same technology as "tap and go payment systems." This could help to make it easier for the programs to use everything from cards to figurines to interact with on the device. The device will also have a motion detection feature, a camera and a touch screen application included.

When will we really know what the console will offer? Chances are good that this information will not be fully available until June of 2012. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3, the company plans to provide more information. The event takes place in June in LA.   

Are you excited about the launch of the new product? More importantly, will you be one of the many in line and ready to buy it when it launches?

Will the Wii U Help Nintendo?

Recent news indicates that Playstation and XBox are planning to launch new gaming consoles this year. What does that mean for Ninetendo's Wii, which has done less than stellar in the market? In 2011, Nintendo’s primary gaming console sold an impressive 4.5 million units. While that is impressive, especially since the company has  had the same console on the market, more or less, since 2006, what really needs to be considered is how much the Wii is not keeping up to the standards it needs to going into a new season of potentially new console launches.

Enter the Wii U

The Wii U is set to be the company's new console and it is expected to be released in 2012 at some point. The company has not provided many details on what the unit is, how it will work or how it will compete with other gaming consoles. It did mention that it will produce HD graphics with this system. Some also believe it will come with a touch screen tablet like computer as the controller. However, that's not confirmed.

It's a good thing that the company is releasing this product since there are now rumors that its competitors are ready to launch new systems as well. Rumors indicate that Microsoft will launch the Xbox 720. The PS4 may be in the works as well. Expectations are that the companies will announce these products at E3 in 2012.

For those who are gaming fans, have you given up on the Wii? Is it no longer your game console of choice? With sales still significantly high, it is likely that consumers will be interested in the new products but will they compete well enough with the competitors.

What's the Wii U?


For those that know and love their Wii console, it may be time to upgrade. Rumors are flying about the Wii U, the unique tablet and console hybrid unit that is likely to hit the market some time in 2012. True to form, there is not a lot of information about from Nintendo itself regarding when it will be providing the new system or what it will hold, but some experts say that it will be easy to find out about it soon enough.

The Wii U is likely to be at the next Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2012. By being there, many of the country's top gamers and reviewers will be on hand to give it a try. That is sure to impress those who are waiting and wondering what steps the company will take to compete with PlayStation and the Kinect in the coming months.

The Wii U was first announced at E3 in June, but limited information was available about it. There was no public presence when the company held meetings at International CES. CES takes place in January from the 10th to the 13th and is sure to be an all eyes open type of event.

Interestingly, Nintendo has generally not been at CES events in previous years. It is good to know that the company will have some type of presence this year. That may mean that it does have something to announce, even if it is not in its final form just yet. Are you excited about the Wii U? Will you purchase one this year?

The Top 5 Wii Games of the Year

The Wii, now officially five years old, has had a stellar time as one of the most innovative gaming devices available. Other competitors have offered products like the Kinect as direct competition, there is still a trend towards choosing the one that started it all. The question is, which games are tops? If you had to recommend video games for the new Wii player, which would you suggest?

The Top Five

Here's a look at the top five video games for the Wii console, based on popularity and purchases. Which one is the one game you love to play?

1.      Super Mario Galaxy 2: This game is one of the easiest, single player games to enjoy for the Wii. It's likely to be a top seller for the company for years to come.

2.      Super Smash Bros Brawl: Another game that tops the list, this game uses popular Ninetendo characters to attack each other. The rough and tumble play is fun for most.

3.      Xenoblade Chronicles: Wii is not just for the Super Mario Bros fans. This game is well designed and has some of the best, deep game play for the console.

4.      The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: Zelda has been one of the Nintendo most loved characters for years and the Skyword Sword game has become one of the most popular.  

5.      Wii Sports Resort: Sports lovers enjoy this game because it gets you involved. You'll get up and play, which is what the Wii console was really designed to encourage. The comic level of this game is what makes it one of the best.

What's your favorite Wii Game?

XBox or Wii: Which One Do You Choose?

The world of gaming is growing and continues to be a huge role player in the holiday season. The news is out, though, that the Wii console has been outsold in the month of November. Microsoft's Xbox 360 came in on top in the gaming console sales for the month within the United States market.

By The Numbers

In November 2011, Xbox 360 sales topped 1.44 million units. That is an impressive gain especially in a down market without a new system out this year. That is a five percent gain over last November. More so, the Xbox 360 system had no problem topping both the Playstation 3 and the Wii units. The Wii sold 1.05 units in the month whereas the PlayStation 3 sold just 750,000 units. The competition is all about games, some experts say. The Wii sales for the month were done 17 percent over the previous year. However, as compared to last year, the PlayStation 3 sales are up, a big 41 percent.

What's Behind It All?

No matter which gaming system you reached for to purchase, chances are good you took advantage of Black Friday sales to do so. That is where Microsoft saw its biggest boost in sales, in fact. In the week of Black Friday, the company stated it sold some 960,000 units of their console along with another 750,000 Kinect sensors. The Kinect system allows for more involved game play, giving players the experience of a Wii on a more realistic level. No matter what is said it is all about preference and peer pressure as to which you will choose.

Wii Zelda Game to be Top Provider

Many Wii games will be popular this holiday season, including a little title called Zelda. The Zelda games have been a part of Nintendo tradition since nearly the beginning and many people can remember those first games. The graphics were basic but the theme was still there. Zelda's newest addition to the Wii gaming console will make a splash this holiday season. The title, called The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess does have some outstanding features.

Link, Is That You?

Newer players of the game may not recognize Link, the main character and hero in the series. However, this Link character gets his looks from the Nintendo 64 days, with more detailing and graphic quality of course.

A Review

The customer reviews for Zelda are mostly good. The story is compelling and the characters remain quite interesting. You will also like the puzzle design and the world as a whole. It looks good and plays well. It is also a game lasting a bit longer than other adventure games. From an artistic point of view, the graphics of this version of Zelda, it is well worth playing.

As for negative aspects, the Wii element of the game seems to be a forced add on. In other words, it is not necessarily a game designed for the Wii console itself. However, it plays well and the nostalgic aspect of the game really does make it a good fit overall. If you love Zelda games and the entire process then this is a game to explore more fully. Check out the screen shots at the Zelda site.